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workplace massage:



Swedish/Deep Tissue:

I enjoy giving deeper work that moves past superficial layers of tissue into deep muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Forearms, elbows and knuckles are tools I commonly use. Pressure point work, Trigger Point Therapy or Neuromuscular therapy are also considered Deep Tissue massage.

But before there was Deep Tissue, there was Swedish.  With the long gliding strokes of effleurage and the squeezing and kneading of petrissage,  I like to assess the body. To meet your acquaintence. A warming up. An amuse boucsh, if you will.

Thai-Yoga and Table Thai Massage:

Thai massage works on the major meridians, also called energy lines, or Sen lines, which run throughout the human body.  It aims to harmonize the body, to loosen blockages, and to stimulate the pressure points. Along with influencing the energetic side, Thai Massage works directly on the physical body. Some refer to it as “assisted yoga” or “lazy man’s yoga”. Compressions and anchoring of tissue can be done with hands, feet, knees or elbows.  It should be a slow, rhythmic and meditative experience.  Traditionally, Thai-Yoga massage lasts 2-3 hours and is done on a floor mat with the receiver dressed in loose fitting, comfortable clothing. I offer 90 min-2 hour thai-yoga sessions. I am now incorporating more thai yoga style stretching into my table routine. I love this work for so many reasons, but one of the greatest benefits I see for clients is the opening of the hip joints. With all the sitting we do these days, stretching and strengthening our pelvis is essential.

Myofascial Release:

Fascia is the glue that holds it all together. If you took away all bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and organs from your body, your friend could still make out your unique sillouette made up of only fascia. Since its the almighty connector, it has its own tetherings  and hangups that can add to postural misalignments and pain.  Scar tissue loves to hitch a ride on fascia. Like pulling on the edge of a wrinkled sheet in order to flatten out the opposite corner, MFR (myofascial release) can unwrinkle you from toe to head. I enjoy seeing how old injuries laden with gunky scar tissue melts and we see residual benefits on distant pain spots.

Onsite Chair and Table Massage:

Let’s face it- computers and mobile devices are here to stay. Good news is we can be productive and connected wherever and whenever we want. Bad news is our necks alerady have a tough time with gravity and hunching further can put up to 60 extra pounds of pressure on our spine. I enjoy offering quick sessions to my corporate clients because a little goes a long way when you get to take a break from your workstation.  These clients report back to me that they feel more focused, rejuvenated and productive on the days that they get their 15-40 min massage.

Intra-oral Massage:

With a certification in Intra-oral techniques, I am able to work inside the mouth with latex gloves.  The focus is on the deep muscles in the jaw called the medial and lateral Pterygoids. The benefits of releasing these very tight structures from the inside are to relieve tension headaches, migraines and TMJ dysfunction.