The Naked Tree


Winter is near, and amongst other things it means a skyline of naked trees. I think there is something so beautiful about the vulnerability and sharpness of their branches reaching out toward the grey Pacific Northwest sky.

It reminds me of how our bodies go through a natural cycle of letting-go. At least seasonally (if not every month), we should shed our baggage with massage. We can’t carry all this stuff around all the time! I’m talking mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual leaves that NEED to fall down and get raked up, bagged up, and turned to mulch by a professional. The naked trees that leave my office are bright eyed, sharp, beautiful and tall (and clothed) naked trees. Do they feel more vulnerable too? Sometimes they do. Sometimes with the relief of pain, there is a quiet vulnerability. A long forgotten stillness that lies underneath layers of distraction. To talk with with this space feels vulnerable. But that is some good dank root system, I tell you my friend, and well worth the conversation. Before you leave my office and put suitcases back in your naked tree branches, try to feel what the naked tree is telling you.

15_01_74_prevLately I’ve been on a letting-go kick through cleansing–green smoothies, colonics, hot yoga, running, lemon water, taking my vitamins, weeding out the chemical-laden cleaning and body care products in my home and office, and as always, chiro, acup, and massage. I’ve been fighting the good fight for my body because I know with the holidays coming up, there is a lot of indulgence.  Usually what happens for me is my mind takes the driver seat and my body has to put on her helmet and safety glasses just to hang in there. Do you feel this way too?

I’d love to hear about how you experience the holiday indulgence in your body, or how you experience your inner naked tree any time of year. 🙂

Wishing you a safe and merry holiday season!!