About Me

I initially learned about the the healing power of massage while in recovery from my own car accident. I got hooked on the profound way bodywork made me feel better from the accident but then also delved deeper to heal longer standing pain and postural misalignments I didn’t even know I had!

Now after eight years experience treating various conditions with different modalities, I still think one of the greatest gifts I can give any client is increased body awareness. When we give the body back what it deserves (loads of TLC, or at least not living in pain), it operates more fluidly so that we can live and express more fully. I aim to leave my clients feeling balanced, rejuvenated and nurtured. The Iliopsoas is my favorite muscle. Do you know where that is? Let me show you!

The human body is a vast terrain of systems and complex phenomena. With so much inherent wisdom in each of us, I see myself more as a mediator and trusted advocate in the process of body exploration. Ultimately, everyone has the power and responsibility to heal themselves.

In this fast paced world, we forget that there is no quick fix, especially when it comes to our long term health.  Albeit a comfy one, bodywork can be a slow winding  journey toward healing. I’m continually awed by watching this process unfold.  I believe there is a lot of potential in listening to our pain and our pleasures.  The body talks to us through sensations, and it’s our job to listen. The bio feedback loop is as old as the Earth; Honor it.

I graduated from a 1000 hour program at Brian Utting School of Massage in 2007 in Seattle, WA. Each year I’ve continued to learn from amazing teachers and build my toolbox.

Find me in Wallingford at Stillpoint Health Associates, Pioneer Square for ImpactHub members only, and South Lake Union at Banya 5 Urban Spa.

Interested in connecting? Shoot me an email at jenhersmanlmp@gmail.com