The Art of Receiving

My job mandates deep thoughts, big feelings, great nutrition and receiving a lot of massage. (I know, poor me.)

I got two massages last week, though I don’t remember when the last one was before then. They were both trades I was cashing in on. One was a male colleague, one was a female. Both massages felt therapeutic, healing, and rejuvenating, though quite different in style and technique.

Receiving bodywork is really the only way for me to remember how good quality, nurturing, intuitive human touch is, and then, subsequently, to recall why the hell I’m doing this for a living.

Being receptive, staying open, learning passivity on the table are lessons that translate off the table as well. We find stillness in our bodies while we are vulnerable to a trained professional’s skilled hands. We listen to our inner workings. We ask our mind to take the back seat and put our body behind the wheel. What have our bodies been wanting to express and let go of? Being receptive to this with a massage therapist as witness…That is the essence of massage that I was missing these weeks.

As we are in the season of giving and receiving, I want to extend my gratitude to you for participating in the unique exchange of giving and receiving that is our one and only beloved massage therapy. There is nothing quite like it, and believe me, I’ve tried a few different alternative therapies. Massage requires the receiver to stop in her tracks, take a chill pill and listen to the unique expression of the giver’s translation of human touch as medicine. How cool is that? Pretty cool.

I think the translatable lesson off the table for me this week is to receive with honor and gratitude and see my giver in their unique human expression.

Oh, and by the way…I have gift cards for available for this season for all you givers!

Happy Holidays!!

Cheers and blessings,



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