Hello from phnom penh!

You may or may not know that I’m in Cambodia.  Last night around 12am my friend Justine and I arrived after 18 hours of travel. Side note: this wordpress app wants to autocorrect phnom penh to “phenomena openhanded” which I have to say poetically describes my my first impressions of the city quite accurately.  However lonely planet guidebook informs us that phnom penh is actually “the pearl of Asia”. Also a side note but worth observing: long distance plane travel gets harder on the body as we age but you can override that with the excitement that you are being hauled into space at insane speeds and will be soon pooped out in a whole new world. Do astronauts have severe dehydration or what? Anyway this trip was a long time coming.
This post and hopefully many more over the next six weeks are in fact side notes to my regular posts about massage teqniques and wellness related things. When I started the blog it was supposed to serve as a creative outlet as well as inform my clients. What does the “b” in blog stand for? Its not boring or bullshit, right? My drive for writing about what i do seemed to taper off in the lsst months. Sometimes in the quiet space of a massage studio you find yourself daydreaming of loud and crowded things. I seem to have manifested that for myself. And now I have the space and time to write about a different side of myself.  There is my disclaimer for a shift in the voice around here and an apology for not updating since October. Okay, enough of that.

Justine and I started our morning with a real accostation of the senses; in the best way. It was like a shot of espresso. Guilty-seattle girl. The first street we turned down out of the hotel was an open market. I know soon that i will be desensitized to this sort of scene so all the better to capture these details now. There were tiny bananas and a wriggling carp on the asphalt-(metaphor for fish out of water?). Literally that fish was trying to wriggle away from the hot water. There were babies on mopeds and grandmas in hammocks swinging over their raw meat, tuk tuk drivers beckoning us every 10 feet, clothing and shoes and books and auto parts for sale and the humidity crawling down my spine and thawing out my cold Seattle bones. All this while I tried to stay out of the way of motorcycles and tuk tuks.

Later we visited the national museum which houses loads and loads of Buddha and Vishnu statues. I learned a bit about the Khmer civilization. There was a peacecul shady garden spot and a liter of water for one dollar. Everything is cheap here, as promised. After we rested for a bit we headed out on a tuk tuk for a tour of the city and ended up at the Russian market. This is where the real shopping is done. Bartering is expected. I scored a watch, three bracelets and a Buddhist figurine for 9 bucks. I probably overpaid. But probably the tuk tuk city tour for ten dollars was our favorite because our driver was so sweet. We didnt even mind when he ran out of gas. By the way I don’t know how there would ever be a traffic violation in phnom penh. Ever. You can tell all the lines have been crossed too often for too long, or maybe the lines were never drawn. There is no Median line in the middle of the road, they only have their horns and good sense to stay out of eachothers way. And there are no crosswalks.

I didn’t even describe my meals yet,  but I will save room for later. I wouldnt want you to get bored because the b in this blog stands for boisterous, blissful and bouyant. 

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned. Over and out.


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