It’s National Massage Awareness Week!

Get a massage! And tell your friends too!

I remember my first professional massage. It was after a car accident in 2004. I was receiving chiropractic for minor whiplash as well.  The massage therapist took me into this tiny room in the chiropractor’s clinic. She gave me the rundown on what was about to happen, what to expect to feel, what clothes to take off.  She made me feel very comfortable.

And then she started touching me, and it was like the velvet curtains parted to reveal the wizard. In that  first massage, my body began relaxing in a way I had never felt before.  Tension that I didn’t even know existed was lifted from me. I got regular massage for months after that car accident. It began to really make an impression on me–literally. Really, my whiplash was a scapegoat to get me in touch with other injuries from childhood. Over the course of 20 years I was active in a lot of sports–Soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, lacrosse and skiing had left a mark on body.  Not to mention emotional stress of which I had no idea how to deal.  The combination of chiropractic and massage started pulling on a string, and a slow unwinding began.

Fast forward to me at 32 (Today is my birthday actually. I thought it kind of fitting for this blog post that its falls on Massage Awareness Week…) and I’ve had countless professional massages from countless wonderful therapists.  I obviously think about massage a lot. Massage pays my bills, empowers me to own my own business, keeps my body healthy and free, and allows me to express myself more fully. That list applies to both giving and receiving it. I think its pretty cool.

I’d love to hear about how massage has made an impact in your life. Feel free to comment on this blog post!

And, more importantly, don’t forget to schedule your next massage appointment.

Thanks for reading!




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