Fall Into a Health Routine

Happy October!

Around here it takes a couple weeks to really accept that it is in fact, Fall. Yes, it’s here. September’s gorgeous mountain views and golden 8pm sunsets are long gone. October brings a nice low hanging grey blanket of a sky. Perfect for warming up our introspective selves. Time to find a nice safe spot for those sun glasses. You’ll want them in June 2012.

This is why I love my calendar’s October picture of a spider web next to the word “Accept”.  I think the artist, Nikki McClure is local.  She is accepting of the turn of the season, apparently. I’ve decided to be too. I just decided. I think part of acceptance is preparation.

With the impending rain and cold and flu season upon us, how about falling into a new routine of taking better care of yourself? Maybe this means getting a gym membership and actually going, or going to a place like Banya 5 where you can sweat out the stressors and toxins of the week. Or maybe it means doing a seasonal cleanse where you can eliminate the foods from your regular diet which aren’t serving you anymore. OR, maybe, just maybe, you can come for regular massages with me!  If you ask any of my regular clients, (which you can’t, but I’ll ask them for you) I’m sure they would tell you that regular massage therapy has changed their lives. They would say it has saved them from many sick days and from kinks in their neck from sleeping wrong (which by the way is hardly ever just from sleeping wrong–it is often a cumulative effect). They have dodged sprained ankles, torn knee ligaments, low back pain, strained upper back muscles, carpal tunnel, and the list goes on.  When the body gets regular TLC from a trained professional, the risk of tissue injury goes way down. And injury prevention is only one benefit of massage….Wow, amazing!

Cheers to you and your health!



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