Out with the aughts, in with the new

Wowza!  A brand new year. A whole new decade. So much newness in the air!  ‘Tis the season to do that thing you’ve been meaning to do, right?  One of my resolutions is to create a blog and stick with it, so here it goes!

I want  to use this blog as a forum for information and an place for conversation around massage and wellness topics.  As an LMP, I’m continually exposed to information helpful in improving our health and quality of living. I’ve found applying some of these wellness tips to be monumental in my own life.  Whether its a tip on ways to improve daily hydration, a simple daily stretch to start and end the day to relieve neck of lowerback pain, or a breathing excersie that rejuvinates you before a important meeting at work, the goal is to share with you some simple, proactive measures that can help you optimize your body vitality.

Happy New Year!



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